Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Stranger You Seek by Amanda Kyle Williams

Keye Street is a plucky, streetwise detective based out of Atlanta. A former FBI profiler, Street spends her days tracking down weird and wacky criminals until the Atlanta Police Department comes calling. A serial murderer is terrorizing the streets of Atlanta, and the police need Keye's help to identify the killer.
The Stranger You Seek is a compulsively readable book, with many twists and turns to keep readers on their toes. The violence present is explicit and definitely cringe worthy. Aside from the gore and a few forays into eye rolling comedy--I mean, really, who still uses Bill Clinton as the punch line to a joke?--Stranger is a solid debut. Williams has created a likable character in Keye Street, and I for one look forward to reading the remainder of this newcomer's series. This series is certain to appeal to fans of James Patterson's "Woman's Murder Club."

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