Friday, July 29, 2011

The Crossing by Serita Jakes

The whisperings in the mind of a dying woman interspersed in the investigation taking place ten years after the incident of a shooting on a school bus give us a chilling story.

Claudia and Casio who spent the entire time on the floor of the bus with the dying teacher, B J, are victims too. The time of bleeding is only as long as it takes for a train to clear a crossing but the emotional damage and anxiety that devils the minds of both survivors won't let the two move past the nightmares and anxiety attacks. This is a gripping story which gives little hints in the new evidence found by Claudia's DA husband and Casio, a cop with a vicious streak. The answers are held away from us until the end when a confession and suicide bring us the answers.

A religious theme through the story shows a light of forgiveness and mercy for those willing to reach out for it. A good page turner.

Mary Edwards
Galesburg, IL

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