Monday, December 26, 2011

The Invisible Ones by Stef Penney

Well I really enjoyed this book. Set in England in the 1980's, this story is written in a parallel-style and is about a Private Investigator (Ray Lovell), who is quite likeable by the way, and a young gypsy boy named JJ. Our fearless investigator has some personal issues, what with a divorce in the making and his stalking of the ex wife, plus he might have a bit of a drinking problem, but other than that he seems quite competent. He is also half-gypsy, which is why he got this job in the first place, looking for a missing gypsy woman named Rose who just disappeared, literally, without a trace. I have never read anything at all about the gypsy way of life, so it was quite interesting to read this book and learn a few things.

I love the parallel writing style, seeing the story from two different points of view. I loved all of the characters and the writing was expressive and well done. Stef Penney is a fabulous writer and she has another book called The Tenderness of Wolves which I am going to run right out and get.

If you like a well-written mystery, books about unusual subject matter or books that you might not be able to put down, then this book is for you.

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