Monday, December 10, 2012

Chasing the Skip by Janci Patterson

Submitted by Brighton, teen reviewer:

The book Chasing the Skip is impossible to put down.  I could not stop reading it - I finished it in one day.  It is about a 15-year-old girl named Ricki.  Her mom runs out on her and she goes to stay with her grandmother.  Ricki's dad wasn't around when she was a kid, but after a few weeks with her grandmother she finds herself stuck going to live with her dad.  Her father is a bail enforcement officer (aka bounty hunter).  Ricki finds herself being dragged along with him to catch the "skips."  Her dad takes on a particularly sketchy skip named Ian Burnham.  Ian escapes three times and ends up kidnapping Ricki twice.  Ricki sets Ian free and attempts to escape, but he holds her at gunpoint.  Ricki's dad comes to the rescue, and Ian finally ends up in jail.

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