Monday, January 28, 2013

Truth in Advertising by John Kenney

This book is due out in January 2013. It seems appropriate because part of the book deals with the creation of a  commercial to be aired during the Super Bowl. Author, John Kenney draws on his own experience in the advertising business to create this first novel which is a combination of self-reflection, stream of consciousness and healing, as well as ironic and sardonic takes on modern life in general and the ad world in particular. His humor is wry and I found myself snickering out loud once or twice. The story deals on a deeper level with the main character's dysfunctional family and their past history related to their parents. The story has a few twists, some humorous, some touching. There is also the developing relationship between the main character, Fin, and his co-worker Phoebe. The story follows Fin's coming to grips with his past and renewed interest in his future. Occasionally Fin's introspection and first person observations get a little lengthy, but overall it makes for a good story. It would probably make a good movie.

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