Thursday, January 9, 2014

Crash Into You by Katie McGarry

Submitted by Sharon, teen reviewer:

At 17, Isaiah Walker thinks he'll never make it out of the slums of his hometown. Being in foster care since age six, he figured the world was against him. When he and his roommate need rent money, he turns to the only place he can think of to ear quick cash: the drug races. Isaiah doesn't let people in. He doesn't get attached to anyone but this one night sends him crashing into someone he never thought he could deserve.

Rachel's whole life has been determined by her mother's happiness. Her brothers' lives, and hers, are thanks to her older sister's battle with cancer. It's all Rachel hears: "You were born to make mom happy." But making her mom happy means hiding who she really is. When she is thrown into a debt, the guy with tattoos and piercings becomes her savior in ways that Rachel won't even know. As their relationship deepens, can she fight for what she wants and loves?

I've always been an eager reader of Katie McGarry. She's had me hooked on her books since Pushing the Limits. I love how all her books are some way, some how connected to the each other by the characters and how she takes something so real and gives it the good ending we all want in life. My favorite relationship in the book is the one between Abby and Isaiah, mainly because I can relate to their relationship really well. Crash Into You is a good, excellent, riveting ride between Rachel and Isaiah.

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