Saturday, March 14, 2015

Forgiveness 4 You by Ann Bauer

This is a unique book. Author Ann Bauer approaches to topic of forgiveness from a non-traditional approach. Her main character, Gabriel McKenna is an ex-Catholic priest. He works in a small bookstore. He listens well to people and is a very approachable person, to whom people open up even without knowing his background or former calling. One such person to whom he listens sees his skills as marketable. An advertising executive, she sees the possibilities of offering non-church related confessions and forgiveness. So begins a few intense weeks of exploring this idea and setting up the business.

While such a commercial approach might seem outrageous, Bauer handles the issue with subtle nuances through various characters, related issues and situations. The nuances sometimes are humorous and sometimes poignant. And then there's the good ex-Father himself. He is not without his own story and needs.

The book would make for a good discussion by church and non-church groups alike. Some might have to brace themselves for some passionate sex scenes. But the premise that many in the world are looking for reconciliation, confession, forgiveness, absolution and resolution is valid. The degree of this hunger is witnessed by the fact that the author received such a positive response to the idea of her book that she now has a Forgiveness 4 You website at which people can share their confessions. Check it out. And check out the book. I predict it will be made into a movie.

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