Monday, September 5, 2016

The Defense by Steve Cavanagh

This novel has everything I love in a story: Courtroom drama, non-stop action and a crafty, street-wise con artist. What's not to love? The book opens with our hero, Eddie Flynn, standing in front of a bathroom sink with a loaded gun pressed to his back. We don't know much about Eddie, except that he's currently a lawyer and he used to be a con artist - two very valuable skill sets. Eddie has only forty-eight hours to solve the case of his life and the only reason he is involved at all is because his ex-law partner couldn't get the job done. It's apparent (and repeated quite often) that bad things will happen if Eddie messes up. Manipulating situations is key here, and thankfully he learned from the best: his Father. His Father taught Eddie every con, bluff, grift and trick in the book. Eddie will have to use everything he knows about the law as well as reconnecting with people from his past life if he has any chance at all of surviving. If you like legal-thrillers, smart-mouth characters and fast-paced action, this book is for you! This is Steve Cavanagh's first novel and it is a hit in my opinion! Read On!

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