Monday, September 19, 2011

Mice by Gordon Reece

I was attracted to this thriller because of its beginning--a timid mother and daughter trying to find the perfect house in the English countryside. Some unknown horrific occurrence in their past has made it necessary for them to hide.
Before long, the reader is made privy to that past, and the book begins to unfold its theme: How our personalities and characters change in response to the actions we take or choose not to take. In realistic fashion, everything is not black or white, and the reader's reaction to the characters' choices can be complex. By the end of the book, we are facing two extremely dangerous women.
The author does a good job of creating suspense; you keep reading to find out what happens next, in the best thriller tradition, so it was a fast read. There is some violence, and the ending was a little flatter than I felt it could have been, but on the whole this was a good weekend read.

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