Monday, January 16, 2012

The Healing by Jonathan Odell

Funny thing, this book was written with such emotion and compassion that I was a little surprised upon finishing it to find it was written by a man. Not that men can't write emotional books mind you, but there was just something sweet and touching about this story that surprised me.

The Healing is written in a classic storyteller's style - covering two periods of time, one being 1933 and the other being 1847. It was a pleasure to jump back and forth between the two, and I enjoyed both sides equally. The 1847 side was a little rough and hard to take because it dealt with slavery and the hardships that were endured. It never ceases to amaze me how cruel and misguided people were back then. The author brought to life that period of time, with a cast of characters that were real and human, and he gave us quite a glimpse into their daily life.

We follow a girl named Granada from the time she is an infant until she is quite old. We watch her grow up, we watch her struggle, we watch her fail and we watch her triumph. I even shed a few tears along the way to be honest. We are also introduced to a black midwife who isn't treated at all like the other slaves and who takes our young Granada under her wing and teaches her the ways of her craft, and much, much more.

I enjoyed this book, as it did feel like I was going back in time when I read it, which did cause problems a few nights because hours would go by and I didn't even realize it. If you like historical fiction, time period storytelling, and characters you can really enjoy, then this book is for you.

Happy Reading!

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