Monday, April 16, 2012

Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google? by William Poundstone

Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google? is a fascinating look into the zany trickster interview questions and hiring practices common at many top industries today. Poundstone has packed this little book with enough mind-bending riddles to make anyone go cross-eyed. Imagine if you will, being in an interview and having any of these bad boys dropped onto your lap:

How would you weigh your head?

How many bottles of shampoo are produced in the world in a year?

Imagine a country where all the parents want to have a boy. Every family keeps having children until they have a boy; then they stop. What is the proportion of boys to girls in this country?

Many of the questions have no “correct” answer, but more accurately, the company has a “preferred” answer. And for inquiring minds, no, I am not smart enough to work at Google. Although, if I could combine the riddle busting powers of my boyfriend and I into one person, we might have a fighting chance of being able to… submit a resume. Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google? is a puzzle lover’s paradise. Readers are guaranteed a good time and a roller coaster of emotions ranging from pride “Victory! I am a genius!” to despair “Who would ever get that question right? This is totally ridiculous!”.

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