Monday, August 19, 2013

how to be a good wife by emma chapman

In case you are wondering why I wrote the title this way, it is because the author had used all lower case letters on the book cover. Not sure why, but that should have been the first clue that this book is a little creepy. Maybe "creepy" isn't the right word, but it certainly is disturbing. In a creepy kind of way. We are introduced to this woman named Marta, who is quite fragile, possibly paranoid, and honestly, not right in the head. She has a rather odd life and a vivid imagination and she is married to a man who is quite a bit older than she is. After getting to know both of them, however, you begin to wonder whether she is the one who has the serious problems, or if it is her husband. Marta is starting to "remember" things from her past, but since her husband has been keeping her medicated, it is hard to say if what Marta believes is actually real, or a figment of her wild imagination. Clever, eerie, well-written and a little scary, this novel was hard to put down.

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