Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bond Girl by Erin Duffy

Bond Girl wants to be The Devil Wears Prada on Wall Street. Even the black/white/red cover art evokes the other novel. For me, this is more problem than positive. I did not enjoy the story of working with/for the self-crowned entitled editor in Prada, and even less do I appreciate the men-will-be-boys atmosphere of the fictional brokerage firm Cromwell Pierce. Look at these guys at the top of their game! They joke around! They play pranks! Guffaw, guffaw. Because $1000 wheels of cheese are innately funny.

Maybe it's just me, though. So Prada fans should know that Alex, the first-person narrator, is learning "The Business" while on a Journey of life, love and being twenty-something. I might find it disheartening to read of another young person's dream being confronted with the reality of unprofessionalism, but perhaps I'm missing something. I can't say I didn't laugh, but every laugh was followed by a wince at the level of baloney "Girlie" was willing to tolerate in her quest to have a career in finance. Oh, and did I mention this is set in 2008? Because financial collapse is also funny.

I am once again behind on my "Advance" reading, so this book has already been released. For alternate opinions, try Amazon.

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