Monday, March 26, 2012

Crucible of Gold by Naomi Novik

I love the Temeraire series from Naomi Novik. It is set during the time of Napoleon; in addition to naval fleets, each country has dragon fleets as well. That is the only "fantastical" element of the series. The intelligence of the dragons and their relationships to their captains and crews is captured in a fun and interesting way.

The first book in the series is a wonderful read, and I enjoyed the first few sequels as well. I was not quite as thrilled with Victory of Eagles and to a certain extent Tongues of Serpents (the fifth and sixth books in the series). Crucible of Gold seems to be getting the series back on track. We get to enjoy plenty of interaction between Temeraire and his Captain, Laurence. The plot meanders from Australia, to the open sea, to the Incan civilization and Brazil.

I find the dragon Iskierka even more annoying than Temeraire does, and there was a bit too much of her in this book for my taste. I really miss Temeraire's formation mates, especially Maximus and his Captain, Berkley. I have high hopes of seeing a lot of them in the next book in the series. Anyway, I definitely recommend the whole series if you've not yet read His Majesty's Dragon.

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