Friday, March 1, 2013

Safekeeping by Karen Hesse

Submitted by Holly P.:

Radley returns from volunteering in a Haitian orphanage to find the United States nothing like it was when she left home a few weeks before. After the president was assassinated, pandemonium struck the nation and the government restrictions enforced to “protect the people” have spun way out of control. Arriving at the airport in Manchester, Radley’s parents are not there to greet her. With no other way to communicate with her parents, she decides to find her own way home…walking. Along the way Radley learns just how different the United States has become. Passports and papers are needed to cross state lines, gasoline is limited making travel by car scarce, and Radley is unable to use her credit cards because funds are frozen. Even the harsh environment of the orphanage couldn’t prepare Radley for this new way of life.

This book is a heartwarming narrative of survival. The author uses pictures from her own personal collection to help to tell a story of fear, worry, and hope of a better future. 

Safekeeping is available for loan at Galesburg Public Library.

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