Monday, July 29, 2013


This is a story told in the first person about the life of Angel Woolsack/Kemper.  It begins in 1861 when he is an adult and then flashes back to his child/young adulthood in 1799-1807.  It tells of the struggles in the deep south and west at the time when the Spanish still had the lower South both before and after the Louisiana Purchase. 

This Novel is an excellent read for a fictional/historical Novel. It comes with all the harsh language
of the times.  You go from Preachers who are the worst thieves and sinners to brothels where the Lady's of the night will do anything imaginable, to plantation owners with their slaves.  There is Murder, robbery, sex, drugs, slavery, and war.  This is all rolled together as the brothers are trying to become both rich and free from the Spanish. 

This book is a page turner and will have you laughing and crying at the antics of the family and the tragedy's that they suffer through. While you shake your head and say well that was a stupid choice to make and you knew it before you made it to the characters.  As I said before the Language is rough with Cussing and derogatory slang, but it is also fact based on how they treated and spoke about certain people of the times.

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