Monday, July 22, 2013


This book is about a group of siblings (2 boys and 1 Girl) who are trying to live their lives with the past hanging on their shoulders.  Each one has struggled to break away from the past and lead productive lives as adults, and they believe they have accomplished this.  They find out that this isn't true when one of the family members gets into major political and legal trouble. They all try to pull together  to help the family member out only to find their own lives falling apart little by little. They then try to pull themselves back together as individuals and as a family.

This story is a Compelling and deep Story about life's true Journey.Elizabeth Strout tells about the good, the bad, and the ugly about somebody's everyday life. I found it amazing to read a story where the main characters are not perfect. These characters had to deal with the full range of emotions : Heartbreak, anger, bitterness, depression, regret, melancholy, happiness, love, hate, and ignorance.  You are never sure what the next page will bring.  Absolutely a fabulous read in my opinion.

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