Saturday, July 19, 2014

Apocalypse Cow by Michael Logan

I am not normally a fan of horror, but I chose Apocalypse Cow for the Tome Raiders, the library's science fiction/fantasy discussion group, for July because it tied in to the summer reading theme of Paws to Read.

Apocalypse Cow is about zombie cows. And zombie dogs, cats, squirrels, rats. It is extremely funny. And disgusting. There were times I was both cringing with revulsion and laughing out loud. I definitely do not recommend reading Apocalypse Cow while eating.

There are plenty of groan-worthy punny chapter titles ("Udder madness"), and the narrative never takes itself seriously.

One of the characters muses on how being alone pays off because he has no one to lose, and another character responds, "Considering the loner lifestyle only pays off when the country is besieged by zombie animals, I'm not sure that's a glowing endorsement." (p. 145)

Terry, the only survivor of the massacre by zombie cows at the abattoir (slaughterhouse) where he worked, explains to a girl he is trying to impress how he ended up with the job:

"One day, my dad was out milking. Nobody knows what happened...All we know is that he got crushed to death between two cows....My mum found him, lying in a pool of blood and milk. The shock gave her a heart attack. Killed her on the spot. I found them both, dead on the floor of the barn. I was six....When I found their bodies, the cows had fled the scene of the crime. But I swore I would avenge my parents' deaths. I took a job in an abattoir, hoping one day to meet the cow that killed my parents and claim my vengeance." (p. 156-157)

If you enjoy (or don't mind) sick humor or funny horror, this book is for you. Oh, and the book club loved it.  You can find Apocalypse Cow in the Fiction section under the author's last name, Logan.

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