Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Much Loved, with photographs by Mark Nixon

Much Loved is a book of photographs by Mark Nixon of toys - mostly teddy bears - loved to bits by their owners. It's very touching, as some of the bears are quite old. One is 102! Each photo is accompanied by a bit of text from the owner. The book made me think fondly of my own teddy bear, Lemon, who I received when I was four. I was allergic to the dye in his fur and had a terrible rash at first, but once the scent of the dye wore off Lemon and I were great friends.

If you had a teddy or other toy you loved to bits, you may find yourself getting a bit nostalgic. Much Loved is definitely recommended for those with a fondness for teddy bears and who understand the special relationship a child has with a beloved toy.

Much Loved can be found in the New nonfiction section of the Galesburg Public Library, at 745.5924 NIX.

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