Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Sudden Light by Garth Stein

Submitted for reader Kaye - 

This story is set in a huge deteriorating mansion, Riddell House, on 200 acres of massive giant trees overlooking Puget Sound in 1990. When his parents separate after taking bankruptcy, 14-year-old Trevor Riddell and his father, Jones, return to Riddell House, his family home. Jones wants to force his father to sell off the land so he can get his home and wife back.

Serena, the sister of Jones, lives with their father, Samuel, and cares for him. She claims he has dementia. Serena wants to put her father in a nursing home, after he sells the land, and then wants to travel the world. Samuel believes the ghosts of his wife and son both visit him in the mansion and he doesn’t want to leave.

Trevor explores the old mansion and finds secret passages and rooms. He finds old diaries and journals in these hidden rooms. He reads the diaries and learns about the lives of his ancestors. He is visited by the ghost of his great uncle Ben and learns of his old loves and wishes. Trevor uncovers the truth about Grandpa Samuel’s dementia and tells his father. Trevor’s discovery helps to heal his family and bring them closer.

This is a wonderful love story and also an intriguing mystery. I loved this book and read it in a day. I had to see how it would end. I am looking forward to reading the author's three previous novels.

-Submitted by Georgette Kaye Carroll

 September 9, 2014

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