Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Golden Voice by Ted Williams

A Golden Voice is Ted William's story of his descent from a position as the number-one drive-time DJ in Columbus, Ohio to 17 years of homelessness, crack cocaine addiction, theft, pimping, and begging.  While it could be a useful read for those struggling with addiction, it is nowhere near a fresh, interesting, or well-written enough story to justify yet another tell-all memoir with a national marketing campaign.  In fact, much more interesting than Ted's story is that of his girlfriend Kathy, of which we only get brief tastes here and there.  I've listened to the You-Tube clip that gave him another chance at a decent life, and he does have a great voice, but it's way too soon to put a period on this and call it a story of "redemption."  Let us know in a few years, Ted.

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