Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some Kind Of Fairy Tale by Graham Joyce

This is a story intersperced with quotes about folklore to give us the thought that this world is posssibly true.   The Fairy/Elf world has always been a world we have told stories about and was a possibility because generations have believed in it.
Our story has an engrossing idea that keeps you reading.  Has a girl become a fairy after being with them for six months (in her mind's record) or twenty years (in her family's record) ?  We follow Tara in her return to a home and family she has struggled to find again.  But, life has changed and more years have passed for which she cannot account.  All have grown older and moved on without her.  All but Richie who loved her and suffers now because she has come back different. 
A magical tale to hold your reading interest is what we see in "Some Kind of Fairy Tale".

Mary E

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