Monday, May 21, 2012

Emerald City by Alicia K. Leppert

A despondent young woman grieving over the loss of her mother is saved from a half-hearted suicide attempt by a mysterious and other worldly stranger. If this description interests you, you are the audience for Emerald City.

I enjoyed reading it, but there were no surprises in the plot or character development. It is set in Seattle, and I liked the references to Seattle locations and landmarks.

The narrative switches from Olivia in first person to Jude in third person, and I found that distracting. I would have preferred the voices of Olivia and Jude to alternate or for the whole story to have been told in third person.

Emerald City reminded me of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, although it does not have Twilight's emotional resonance. I'd call it "Twilight light." It seems poised for a sequel, but can also stand alone if none is ever written. If you enjoy paranormal romances, I recommend Emerald City.

For another take on Emerald City, see Hillary's review here:

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