Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Stitch Before Dying by Anne Canadeo

Nothing screams rainy weather comfort to me like settling down with a cozy mystery. Yes indeed, the cozy mystery is my supreme guilty pleasure. When I’m feeling depressed by dreary weather I find myself drawn to mysteries about handicrafts, cooking, and little hamlets on the Eastern Seaboard. I have yet to find another series that can fulfill my cuddly-read desires quite like Anne Canadeo’s Black Sheep Knitting Mysteries. Each of these tales centers around five friends of varying ages and interests brought together by a shared love of knitting. My only gripe about this series is that Canadeo could really use an editor besides spell check. The tendency for her books to contain a handful of easily caught errors has almost turned into a game of sport for me. How many typos can I nab this time, Canadeo? All silliness aside, the true appeal of the Black Sheep series lies in the Black Sheep Knitters and the trials and tribulations of this close-knit circle of friends. In A Stitch Before Dying the crew takes off for a spa vacation only to have all hopes of relaxation dashed when a killer strikes, leaving the Black Sheep Knitters rocked and wondering who might be next.

If you enjoy a good campy mystery, I would highly recommend trying out Anne Canadeo and the Black Sheep Knitters. Not only are the Black Sheep Knitters endearing, but the storylines are compelling and often surprising. Canadeo also kicks the kitschy awesomeness up a notch by including links to knitting projects mentioned in the book and recipes from the characters. Crafts, cooking, and reading: the cozy trifecta.

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