Monday, August 15, 2011

Signing Their Rights Away by Denise Kiernan & Joseph D'Agnese

Having always been a fan of American History and auto-biographies and biographies this book caught my attention. Once I started reading, it was hard to put down. The beauty is that it is written is short chapter form about 39 men who met in 1787 (summer) and put their names on the U.S. Constitution.
This book shows that many of the men were as odd and flawed as our elected officials are today. Hugh Williamson believed in aliens; Nicholas Gilman known as the most handsome signer took abuse from other signers because he was blond and blue-eyed with perfect skin in an age when many had rotten teeth, small-pox scars and so on; George Read who sign both the Declaration of Independence and the U S Constitution (one of 6 men who did).
I am going to buy this for my own library at home and buy Signing Their Lives Away, a book written by the same authors, about the 56 statesmen who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Miss Peg (GPL)

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  1. Many thanks, Miss Peg, for the lovely review of our book!

    --Joe & Denise

    PS: Happy to send you a signed bookplate for that home copy. Just write us via our website.